Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Friday!  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather…

I wanted to blog about random acts of kindness today.  While everyone is out shopping today on Black Friday…I wanted shed light on what really matters…

Random acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes…When my boys were little I used to say to them ” do a good deed everyday for someone else”.  Small acts of kindness do not take up time or money and they can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  

In the Calgary Citizen today they featured a local foundation called The Alberta Random Acts of Kindness Foundation YYC  that is making a difference in the lives of everyday Calgarians by doing random acts of kindness. 

My act of kindness yesterday was helping “John” a senior in my community get out of his car and do his Safeway shopping.  We ended up talking while going up and down the aisles and he said he couldn’t remember the last time someone took the time to even talk to him randomly never mind help him with his groceries.  When we got back to his car ( 20mins later) he said I don’t even know your name…so I said Gigi and asked him his age…he said 93!!!  As I watched him drive out of the parking lot I realized that meeting and helping John was the best part of my day😃

I hope you find the time to give a little of yourself today…give it a try you will love how it makes you feel!!!

Feeling blessed,